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What Is A Bail Bond And How Does It Work?























There is no doubt that getting arrested is a harrowing and terrible experience, especially if you're innocent. Suspects are usually read their Miranda rights, being handcuffed and then taken to jail. And once the processed is done, they would be photographed, get their fingerprint and detained. The accused may be presented with immediate bail or not depending on the severity of their alleged offense.


The defendant will be held under custody until he or she is brought before the judge at bail hearing in case that the offense is only a minor one. The judge will figure out whether the defendant deserves a temporary release or not during the hearing. And in the event that they are, they must pay certain amount that the court asks. He/she can get out of jail that same day assuming that the accused has the money to pay for the fee. The defendant or his/her loved ones is sometimes forced to get bail bond services because of the reason that the fee for serious offense is high.


As a matter of fact, bail bonds are the type of insurance policy that is taken out to ensure that the defendant shows up for the rest of his or her court hearing. And because of the reason that many people are accused of crimes to come on court on scheduled date and time, it has become a common practice to bond out. Believe it or not, there are several businesses that are lending people money in order to cover the cost. You can also learn more about bail bonds by checking out the post at


And just like all other kinds of businesses that lend money, those who deal with Bail Bonds charge their clients interest for the service they offer. Depending on the amount of the loan needed and the history of criminal accused of the offense is going to determine the rates. It may be hard for him/her to secure loan from the bail bond agent if the defendant is a feasible flight risk and granted bail.


If the bail bond agent is concerned more on the defendant that he or she may jump or run bail, he/she would be requested for collateral. This is actually done by intent so the bond agent will be financially responsible if the client fails to show up in court. When the loan is quite big and it's forfeited, then the bondsman might put his/her business at risk.


And in an effort to be sure that the bondsman can avoid losing their money and business, they are hiring bounty hunters to locate the accused. Click here to understand what bail bonds actually are.